The new editions of the Digital Public Administration factsheets for the European countries and their related Infographics are now online!

Publication of the Digital Public Administration factsheets 2020

Published on: 22/06/2020 Last update: 14/10/2020 Document

The new 2020 Digital Public Administration factsheets for Member States and other European countries and their related Infographics are now available on Joinup. These factsheets, published as part of the ISA2 programme, represent a main source of information on the digital transformation that public administrations are currently undergoing in Europe, providing an up-to-date overview of the initiatives undertaken by 36 European countries (the 27 EU Member States and the United Kingdom, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Ukraine, Montenegro, Turkey and the Republic of North Macedonia) in this policy area. Additionally, a dedicated factsheet for the EU which focuses on all the matters related to digital public administration and interoperability at the European Union level will be available soon.

The 2020 edition of the factsheets is the result of the renewed collaboration between DIGIT’s Interoperability Unit and 36 European countries’ public administrations. The collaboration for this new edition started with the launch of the satisfaction surveys in September 2019, which collected important feedback from the countries’ authorities regarding the factsheets, paving the way for a smoother review of the advancements made by these countries in the area of digital public administration.

This edition presents some important changes with respect to the 2019 one. These changes, aligned with the feedback of the satisfaction surveys, aimed at simplifying and reducing the length of the factsheets, while putting more emphasis on the implementation of the European Interoperability Framework (EIF) and on the overall digital transformation that public administrations are currently and continuously undergoing.

As a result, an important effort has been conducted to produce more concise, visual and user-friendly Digital Public Administration factsheets, compared to previous editions. Furthermore, a section on the EIF implementation has been added to the ‘Country profile chapter’. While presenting the principles, layers and conceptual model used to assess the level of implementation of the EIF, this section illustrates, through various scoreboards, the results stemming from the first EIF Monitoring Mechanism data collection, thus providing the state of play of interoperability in each country and its level of maturity compared to the EU average.  

Along with the factsheets, the Digital Public Administration infographics have also been published with a new design. While providing an overview of the main highlights that occurred in the field of digital public administration at the country level during the last twelve months, the infographics also present the countries’ performances against the EU average in relation to Eurostat's indicators on the use of internet for interactions with public authorities as well as their eGovernment performance, gathered from the Commission’s eGovernment Benchmark report. Lastly, the infographics also display the EIF scoreboard, providing an assessment of each country’s EIF implementation level.

For more information concerning the development of digital public administration in Europe, please visit the NIFO collection on Joinup. This collection includes additional resources on state of play of digital public administration and interoperability in Europe, such as the European Semester studies and the upcoming State-of-play report on digital public administration and interoperability in Europe. Stay tuned!


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