State of Play report

Published on: 08/04/2014

The purpose of this document is to provide a short but exhaustive summary of the main findings from the analysis of the National Interoperability Frameworks across Europe within the context of the ISA programme. As such, Member States representatives in charge of interoperability programmes and projects are the main target of the document, as well as other officers working in related fields and other stakeholders working on interoperability and related fields in the private sector and international organisations.

The document provides an overview of the main developments in alignment of National Interoperability Frameworks across Europe with the European Interoperability Framework and paves the way for continued and enhanced monitoring and sharing of best practices and experiences.


NOTE: the analysis presented in this report is based on the results of the updated analytical models from 2013 under the ISA NIFO Action. In the meantime updates are being processed. For the most up-to-date information on NIF-EIF alignment and practices in the Member States, please consult the NIFO Community on JoinUp.

Nature of documentation: Official reports and studies


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