Interoperability Initiatives - Türkiye

This table here below aims at providing an overview of all the initiatives, such as the political communications, guidelines, and legislation, related to interoperability that have been put in place in Türkiye.


Digital Türkiye and Mitigation of Bureaucracy Meetings

Year: 2021

As required by the interoperability principle, the highest level of participation is ensured in efforts to reduce bureaucracy through eGovernment actions, and the work is carried out with periodic meetings held under the coordination of the Digital Transformation Office (DTO) and the chairmanship of the Vice President. During the meetings, decisions are made regarding the services which will be transferred to the eGovernment Gateway, data sharing between institutions, and simplification of service processes. The twelfth meeting was held in March 2021.

Eleventh Development Plan (2019–2023)

Year: 2019

The Eleventh Development Plan, the holistic and multi-dimensional national policy document, aims to transfer public services to the electronic environment through modernisation actions and process improvements that will ensure effectiveness and interoperability with a user-oriented perspective and increase service delivery and usage through the Digital Türkiye (eGovernment Gateway) which is coordinated and implemented by Digital Transformation Office (DTO) of the Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye.

Circular No. 2009/4 on Interoperability Principles in Public Information Systems

Year: 2009

The Interoperability Principles aim to ensure interoperability between all organisations that provide services to the public sector in the electronic environment, especially public institutions and organisations, and within this framework, authorities and responsibilities, principles, methods and criteria, as well as technical standards, are determined.