Analytical models online

Last version of NIFO Analytical models is now available

Published on: 14/11/2017
Last update: 15/11/2017

After the migration of the joinup platform and the consequent reorganization of the NIFO collection that took place last month, we are now happy to announce you that the Analytical models are again available in the dedicated custom page.

The files content reflects the data collected and validated in late 2016. The format has been revised in order to be more coherent with the other ISA² publications. Ddata are available for download in both .pdf and .xslx versions. This is reflected on the European open data portal, where the files are now also linked on the relevant page.

The catalogue consist of the documents referred to 26 European countries out of 32 total participants to the NIFO project. It shows, for each one, the alignment with the European Interoperability Framework (EIf v2), the level of implementation of concrete projects as well as the monitoring mechanism of public authorities.

The published Analytical models are the last ones available in the current format and reflect EIF v2. A new monitoring mechanism will soon be aligned on the new EIF, upon the request of the ISA² project.