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Machine Translation tool for public administrations — now accessible over the Internet!

Machine Translation tool for…

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Published on: 01/09/2014 News Archived

MT@EC, the Machine Translation service, developed by the European Commission under the ISA programme, can now also be accessed over a secure internet connection (https). The service was previously only accessible for institutions that were connected to the highly secured sTESTA network. The new web access now also allows public administrations that are not connected to the sTESTA network to request access for their staff.

MT@EC is currently available for free to all Public administrations. Since the tool has been trained mainly on official EU documents, it can handle and translate, better than other tools, texts and documents related to EU policy and collaboration in the 24 official EU languages. A presentation of this secure service, including screenshots of the user interface, is available here. Interested administrations have the opportunity to participate in ‘customisation pilot projects’. For further information on this, please consult the document “ΜT for Member States: Description of pilots.

In this 2nd major release of MT@EC, the quality of the output has been further improved by adding data from more sources and by enhancing the processing for the current 6th generation of the machine translation engines. Users can now also submit PDF files. Support for other formats has been improved. In addition, language auto-detection is now available for text snippets. Users can drag and drop files if they are using the interface through Firefox or Chrome. They can also choose not to receive the translated text by email for confidentiality reasons but to download it from their personal workspace in the interface instead (please consult the document “MT@EC Service Description”).

For interested public administrations, the European Commission (DG Translation) is organising a user conference on 5 December 2014 in Brussels. The conference will focus on the different possibilities when using the machine translation service.

Should you have further queries on the service or on the way you can access it, please contact DGT-MT(at)ec(dot)europa(dot)eu.

MT@EC has been developed under the ISA programme, which supports interoperable solutions for public administrations.