Next stop of the cross Large…

Next stop of the cross Large Scale Pilots Roadshow

Published on: 10/09/2012

A "Roadshow" was launched with a series of events, which all aim to raise the awareness for and enhance the visibility of achievements and benefits of the five current Large Scale Pilot projects (LSPs). The next stop of the cross LSP Roadshow will be the IT Forum – “Europe goes online” – in Cologne, Germany. It will be held September 24 - 25, 2012 in the Higher Regional Court Cologne, in a 101 year old historical building.

Large Scale Pilot projects (LSPs)

Today, many public services are available online but their cross-border dimension has to be reinforced. Key in the strategy to improve such interaction is the development of LSPs engaging stakeholders such as public authorities, service providers and research centres across the EU in the implementation of common solutions to deliver online public services and make them accessible throughout Europe. Five LSPs are on-going: e-CODEX , epSOS , STORK , PEPPOL and SPOCS to support interoperability of services and as a consequence, the mobility of citizens and businesses.

Run largely with and/or by Member States, the pilot projects develop practical solutions tested in real government service cases across Europe. These practical solutions will aid in making crossborder government services a reality. They will ensure that government administrations of different countries in the EU can speak to each other digitally despite different national technical specificities and languages. These solutions will tear down the digital borders in Europe, many years after the physical barriers have already been removed, and will lay the foundation for future European growth and competitiveness.

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In Poznan we saw first-hand the strong political will to make sure that digital barriers to the Single Market become a thing of the past. Large Scale Pilot Projects and their principal supporters have done a marvellous job in Hannover and made the "Roadshow" stop at CeBIT a real success. This was not only due to the excellent cooperation between all of those involved, but also due to the real team-spirit around "Build, Connect and Grow" during this CeBIT, which will now escort our way towards the dissemination and sustainability of the achievements of the Large Scale Pilots


IT Forum

Over two days several hundred invited guests will gain an insight into the progress and achievements of all LSPs and different European projects of the national e-Justice and e-Government sectors. Keynote speeches will be held by high-ranking representatives of the European Commission, the North Rhine-Westphalian Minister of Justice Mr. Kutschaty, the IT-Director of the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the President of the Higher Regional Court Cologne.

All LSPs (e-CODEX, PEPPOL, SPOCS, epSOS, STORK) and the national e-Justice and e-Government sectors will have booths in an exhibition area to inform visitors about their projects. There will be an emphasis on the upcoming pilot phase of the e-CODEX project.

As part of the panels there will be detailed presentations about the actual progress and the specific results of the LSPs. Furthermore, local and regional projects related to Europe will present their work. More details and the agenda of the IT Forum can be found here