Yearly update of the Interope…

Yearly update of the Interoperability State of Play report is now public

Published on: 31/05/2017
Last update: 05/10/2017

The 2016 State of Play report is now accessible on the NIFO community. It shows the progress and status on Interoperability in Europe.

The document summarises the analysis of national NIF-EIF alignment (alignment between National Interoperability Frameworks and the European Interoperability Framework), NIF Implementation and NIF Monitoring. This document is based on the last NIFO data collection exercise, performed in 2016. Many significant evolutions have improved the score of most of the 26 countries for which alignment and implementation are measured, and of the 22 countries that provided input about their implementation of interoperability.


Countries participating in the 2016 NIFO Data Collection Process


Participating countries undertake reforms in order to digitise their public administrations (time & cost saving initiatives), increase transparency, ensure better data quality and improve the delivery of public services. This goes in line with one of the ten priorities of the European Commission under the Juncker Presidency: a Digital Single Market to bring down barriers and unlock online opportunities.

A section of the report is dedicated to explain emerging technology trends concerning interoperability initiatives. It gives a special focus on open data and open technologies approach, cybersecurity, mobile technologies, “Big Data”, cloud computing and social media.

About the next steps, and as a pointed out in the conclusion of the report, a new operating model of the observatory on the modernisation of public administrations, eGovernment and interoperability will replace the current NIFO community in the coming months. This new version of NIFO will revise its approach guidelines, methodologies and other instruments based on the new EIF and the corresponding interoperability action plan. It will nevertheless continue to monitor the status of interoperability in Europe. The ISA² programme (2016–2020) is the main instruments to implement the Interoperability action plan and EIF through a portfolio of updated actions. They focus on improving digital collaboration between public administrations in Europe.

NIFO is a project service provided by the European Commission's ISA² programme delivering solutions for European public administrations, citizens and businesses. It assists EU countries in monitoring the take up of eGovernment and interoperability.