Solution: CAMSS Tools

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General Information


Name of the solution: CAMSS Tools

Solution's owner: DG DIGIT, European Commission, Europe

Description: The CAMSS Tools are the assessment tools provided by the CAMSS Team. They are publicly available and support the fulfilment of assessments of standards and technical specifications and standard setting/developing organisations.

Type of solution: Assessment tool

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CAMSS Tools implements the following:

Principles Interoperability layers
Openness Interoperability Governance
Assessment of effectiveness and efficiency Legal Interoperability

CAMSS Tools implements the following recommendations as explained below:

Recommendation 4  | Principle 2: Openness
The CAMSS tools, by allowing public administrations to assess compliance against (open) specifications and standards, directly promote and support the use of open specifications. 

Recommendation 19  | Principle 12: Assessment of effectiveness and efficiency
The key purpose of CAMSS tools is to allow its users to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of different solutions, as well as to ensure their interoperability

Recommendation 21  | Interoperability Layer: Interoperability governance
The use of CAMSS tools allows public administrations to select relevant standards and specifications for their solution or digital public service. 

Recommendation 22  | Interoperability layer: Interoperability governance
CAMSS tools enable a structured, transparent, objective and common approach to assessing and selecting standards and specifications.

Recommendation 23  | Interoperability layer: Interoperability governance
CAMSS tools provides practical guidance on selecting ICT standards. 

Recommendation 27  | Interoperability layer: Legal interoperability
CAMSS tools can be viewed as supporting public officials in performing 'digital checks' on new legislation. 


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