Solution: Cartography Tool

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General Information


Name of the solution: Cartography Tool

Solution's owner: DG DIGIT, European Commission, Europe

Description: The Cartography Tool (CarTool©) brings together high-level support for the EIRA© as a plug-in for the popular ArchiMate® modelling tool Archi®. It includes both editing features, to model solutions using the EIRA©, and querying functionalities to query an EIRA©-based Cartography of solutions. CAMSS Team.

Type of solution: Generic tool

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Cartography Tool implements the following:

Principles Interoperability layers Conceptual model
Reusability  Interoperability governance ✅ Model
✅ Technological neutrality ✅ Legal Interoperability ✅ Catalogues
✅ Assessment of effectiveness and efficiency    

Cartography Tool implements the following recommendations as explained below:

Recommendation 6  | Principle 4: Reusability 
The CarTool can be used to support the development of ICT solutions as it allows its users to browse and analyse the already existing reusable solutions. 

Recommendation 8  | Principle 5: Technological neutrality
The CarTool does not impost the use of any specific technology and the 'Create a solution' function is fully based on open standards.

Recommendation 19  | Principle 12: Assessment of effectiveness and efficiency
CarTool gives users access to existing EIRA and SAT solutions, allowing users to assess and compare them before selecting one. 

Recommendation 23  | Interoperability layer: Interoperability governance
CarTool aids its users in the selection process of standards by giving them access to the list of proposed interoperability standards and specifications.

Recommendation 27  | Interoperability layer: Legal interoperability
CarTool supports its users in the assessment of ICT implications in new legislation by to assess ICT by allowing them to search related solutions in the solutions’ Cartography. 

Recommendation 34  | Conceptual model: Model
CarTool allows its users to model solutions using EIRA, and querying features to query an EIRA-based Cartography of solutions. The use of CarTool helps its users to implement the EIF conceptual model

Recommendation 44  | Conceptual model: Catalogues
CarTool provides a common model for describing interoperability solutions. It allows its users to model solutions using EIRA, and querying features to query an EIRA-based Cartography of solutions. 


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