Solution: CISE node

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General Information


Name of the solution: CISE Node

Solution's owner: European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA)

Description: The CISE Node manages the communication protocol among participants, including the security, access control to the information and the reliability aspects. The CISE Node is a common block for all the partners connected to the network, but the management is not centralised. It uses the CISE Data and Service Models to ensure technical and semantic interoperability among the CISE stakeholders.

Type of solution: Generic tool

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CISE node implements the following:

Administrative simplification

CISE node implements the following recommendations as explained below:

Recommendation 3  | Principle 2: Openness
The CISE node interfaces are public and both CISE data and service model as well as any supporting documents are accessible from public websites. 

Recommendation 11  | Principle 6: User-centricity
The CISE node helps public administrations working in the maritime domain provide a single point of contact as it has a discovery mechanism that hides the administration organisation behind the tool. 

✅ Recommendation 12  | Principle 6: User-centricity
The development and potential updates of CISE node were executed thanks to a broad collaboration between the European Commission, public administrations and other stakeholders. 

✅ Recommendation 17  | Principle 10: Administrative simplification
The CISE node simplifies access to information relevant for maritime surveillance authorities, hence reducing administrative burden that might be otherwise incurred.

✅ Recommendation 33  | Interoperability layer: Technical interoperability
The CISE node is based on open specifications. 

✅ Recommendation 37  | Conceptual model: Base registries
The CISE node enables sharing of information in the maritime domain and it is designed with security and privacy in mind. The system is adapted to handle sensitive information. 


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