Solution: Core Standards and Specifications Vocabulary (CSSV)

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General Information


Name of the solution: Core Standards and Specifications Vocabulary (CSSV)

Solution's owner: DG DIGIT, European Commission, Europe

Description: The CSSV is the vocabulary used for the information exchange related to standards and specifications amongst software solutions, as well as, it is the key element for the development of the new release of the EIRA Library of Interoperability Specifications (ELIS). 

Type of solution: Semantic asset

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Core Standards and Specifications Vocabulary (CSSV) implements the following:

Principles Interoperability layers
Openness ✅ Technical interoperability
✅ Reusability  
✅ User-centricity  
✅ Technological neutrality  

Core Standards and Specifications Vocabulary (CSSV) implements the following recommendations as explained below:

✅ Recommendation 4  | Principle 2: Openness
The CAV is a Open Source that allow any stakeholder to reuse it. 

✅ Recommendation 6  | Principle 4: Reusability 
The CSSV can be extend for desingning new data models according to stakeholders needs, while still ensuring the interoperability.

✅ Recommendation 8  | Principle 5: Technological neutrality
The CSSV, as data model, does not impose the use of any particular software, thus, ensures technological neutrality.

✅ Recommendation 11  | Principle 6: User-centricity
The development of the CSSV includes the creation of WG and public consultations that ensure that the development process is open and different stakeholders can participate.

✅ Recommendation 33  | Interoperability layer: Technical interoperability
The CSSV is based on open specifications. 


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