Solution: ELI Validator

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General Information


Name of the solution: ELI Validator

Solution's owner: Publications Office, Europe

Description: This is a SHACL-based ELI validator. It generates validation reports to verify that ELI metadata is published correctly according to the ELI ontology.

Type of solution: Legal Interoperability tool

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ELI Validator implements the following:

Interoperability layers Conceptual model
Interoperability governance ✅ Open data

ELI Validator implements the following recommendations as explained below:

Recommendation 21  | Interoperability Layer: Interoperability governance
The ELI validator allows its users to assess the compliance of European Legislation Identifier (ELI) metadata against the ELI ontology requirements. 

✅ Recommendation 42  | Conceptual model: Open data
The ELI validator is adapted to verify the conformance of ELI metadata, hence ensuring that countries publish their data in a structured machine readable format. 


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