Solution: ELI XML serialisation

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General Information


Name of the solution: ELI XML serialisation

Solution's owner: Publications Office, Europe

Description: ELI/XML is an encoding of ELI metadata in an XML schema (XSD). It can be used standalone or imported into other XML documents, typically in a metadata header. The ELI/XML schema is provided with a set of XML transformations to generate ELI in RDF/XML, RDFa header or HTML+RDFa. It is meant to facilitate the integration of ELI in XML-based document workflows.

Type of solution: Legal Interoperability tool

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ELI XML serialisation implements the following:

Interoperability layers
Technical Interoperability

ELI XML serialisation implements the following recommendations as explained below:

Recommendation 33  | Interoperability layer: Technical interoperability
XML is one of the serialisation of ELI, as RDFA, JSON and it allows to serialise ELI metadata using XML instead of the recommended semantic web standard (RDF). 


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