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General Information

Cise node

Name of the solution: Service model

Solution's owner: European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA)

Description: The CISE Network is a complex open computer network interfacing several EU countries, specifically, in the maritime data context. This network connects CISE nodes and legacy systems thought a special component called "The CISE Adaptor".

This document is a guideline to the CISE Service Model and to the software development of the CISE Adaptors. The intention is to provide a complete, precise and quick start documentation to be used fundamentally as a reference guide by the CISE Software Developers community of the EU Member States. Specifically, the objective is to make more easy the development, test, implementation and validation of CISE Adaptors.

Type of solution: Common frameworks; Semantic assets

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Service model implements the following:

✅ Technological neutrality
Administrative simplification

Service model implements the following recommendations as explained below:

✅ Recommendation 8  | Principle 5: Technological neutrality
By developing common specifications and service models, rather than a system, CISE, and in turn its users, remains technologically neutral. 

✅ Recommendation 15  | Principle 8: Security and privacy
CISE has been designed to handle sensitive data and personal data. A study has been launched to use the solution for the exchange of classified information.

✅ Recommendation 17  | Principle 10: Administrative simplification
The solution hides the complexity of the national organisation of the administration with a discovery mechanism, hence providing a simplified single access point for any of its users. 


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