Supporting Material

The Supporting Material section gives you access to key information on the European Interoperability Framework, its implementation and monitoring. More specifically, here you can find: 



EIF Glossary provides a list of all the relevant terms used in each base registry for information purposes.


EIF Guideline Document aims to provide a user-friendly guide for Member States on how to read the EIF, explain how to find EIF documentation, understand the logic behind the EIF and how it can contribute to improving and implementing the interoperability of public administrations in Europe. 

online trainingEIF ONLINE TRAINING

The EIF Online Training, organised by the Interoperability Academy, is intended to provide a good understanding of the main components of the EIF and how to apply them in a real-world scenario, thanks to a practical cases. In this way, the course raises awareness around the importance of interoperability for the delivery of integrated public services.

training modulesTRAINING MODULES 

Training Modules provide useful information on four distinct topics related to the EIF, including a general Introduction to the EIF, a detailed presentation of the EIF, an explanation of the monitoring mechanism and on the EIF Implementation.