Stories from the Use Case Observatory vol. 1

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Published on: 20/09/2022

The Use Case Observatory is a research project by It contributes to the portal's broader goal to measure the economic, governmental, social, and environmental impact of open data by monitoring 30 cases of open data reuse over four years: from 2022 until 2025.

As part of the project, is launching a webinar series to present the Use Case Observatory and the insights of its three analytical reports on the reuse cases.

The first webinar will take place on Friday, 7 October 2022, 10.00-11.30 CET. In line with the goal of the Use Case Observatory, the first webinar will be structured in two parts.

In the first part, the (technical) facilitator will provide an overview of the project, its methodology, and the insights of the 2022 publication.

During the second part of the webinar, four reuse cases will be given the floor to present their open-data-driven solutions and their impact. After the four presentations, the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions and further discuss directly with the report’s authors and the reuse cases’ teams. 

Topics to be covered: 

  • What is the ´Use Case Observatory` about?  
  • What insights are collected in the first Use Case Observatory report just published?  
  • How is open data being reused across Europe? 
  • What is the (potential) impact of this reuse? 
  • How can open data reuse be monitored and its impact measured?

Speakers' list:

  • Guglielmo Celata, Openpolis 
  • Clara Bracklo, Integreat 
  • Jelle Kamsma,  LocalFocus 
  • Stéphane Gigandet, OpenFoodFacts


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Stories from the Use Case Observatory


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