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The two focal points are Open Government and ICT-enabled public sector modernisation


Open Government and ICT-enabled public sector modernisation


The two focal points of this community are Open Government and ICT-enabled public sector modernisation. This open government approach is seen as the best way for public administrations to face mounting challenges. Two examples are budgetary pressures following the financial crises and a growing lack of trust in public administration. Governments must also meet rapid technological innovations and shifts in demography and environment, all changing employment, mobility and security.


The experience of peers

The Open Government approachThe exchange of good practices is part of the toolbox of open government. By absorbing the experience of their peers, public administrations become effective and efficient. By being interconnected and open, they will deliver well-organised, user-friendly services. It reduces costs and lessens the administrative burden. It propels them to opening up public data and services, working together with a wide community on public services. This is about making the government process open, getting citizens to join in and participate.


Better decisions, restoring trust

Making data available in an open way makes new services possible. Allowing anyone to add value to government data can stimulate and create new markets, businesses and jobs. The open government approach is expected to result in easy to use, personalised services. These are designed, created and delivered together with others, combining information, data and services both from the public as well as the private sector. The open approach to government will result in better decisions, and in restoring trust in public institutions.


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