DE: Open Statecraft - Better Politics through Open Government?

Published on: 31/10/2010
Last update: 13/12/2010

Description (short summary): How can concepts, with buzzwords such as ‘Open Government’ and ‘Open Statecraft’, which have already been separately tested and used, be integrated into Germany’s political culture? The Internet & Society Co:llaboratory (Internet & Gesellschaft Co:llaboratory, German) had been busy between July and September 2010 trying to answer this question; in this report it presents the results found by its expert group.

To investigate this topic the Co:llaboratory brought 30 experts from civil society, academia and the business sector. Short profiles of the participants can be found at the end of this report. The interdisciplinary team addressed the issues, did research and prepared a workshop, in which the experienced Co:llaboratory experts discussed with participants from the government and ministries. The final report on the Open Government Initiative summarises the findings of the working group in three chapters.

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