eAssessement of official services in Azores (ASRGA)

Published on: 13/06/2007
With the goal to deliver services to the citizens and business with higher quality, the Regional Government of the Azores create a questionary that is available, since the begining of 2007, on all regional administration services that attend public and on the internet. The citizens can fill the questionary and depose it in the structures placed in all services or they can fill at home or at another place and send it by mail, without costs. For higher comodity, the questionary is also available on-line.

Policy Context

The Program of Regional Government of Azores to the period 2005-2008 establish Quality and the citizen-oriented initiatives as the main priorities. Thus, it was created the Regional Plan for Promotion of Quality in the Public Services of Azores. Therefore, the Assessement of Services responds to those goals.

Description of target users and groups

Our target group are the regional administration services clients: citizens, enterprises or non governmental organizations. The firsts are more common on services related with health, social security, employment and education; the second group is usual client of economy, industry, commerce, employment and agriculture services; the third group is health, social security, education and environment services.

Description of the way to implement the initiative

The management approach was management for goals, with the creation of a small working group that embraced the project. We made established a partnership with CTT, mail's national company, that is responsible for the collection and reposable of questionaries in all public services of regional administration of Azores, spreaded by nine islands. Multi-channel issues: Not applied

Main results, benefits and impacts

Since the begining, the number of received questionaries has rised, meaning that citizens are pleased with the initiative (they feel that they can help to improve the delivery of public services) - Our slogan is «Answering is improve! Please help us to serve you better!». On the other hand, the Regional Government of Azores is able to identify the good pratices and bad pratices, acting immediatly for their resolution. The services are commited to respond to the sugestions and comments made by their clients and the citizens are becoming more demanding. This questionary is fomenting the exercise of citizenship in Azores. Innovation: We expect to improve the quality of the delivery of public services and to create a culture of responsability in regional administration of Azores and in azorean citizens.

Return on investment

Return on investment: Not applicable / Not available

Track record of sharing

We don't have yet that feedback, because it's to soon for that. But we have mentioned the project to UCMA and AMA - central government of Portugal, to EIPA - European Institute for Public Administration, and to OECD (in last May, some OECD's experts came to Portugal to interview entities from central, regional and local administrations and we were invited to participate in the OECD Peer Review of Administrative Simplification and e-government in Portugal). All that entities congratulated us for the initiative.

Lessons learnt

The three main lessons are: 1. Public administration must be more citizen-oriented and has to know what citizens recognize as value for them. Sometimes, the administration makes overall investments in some areas, that consider important, but citizens prefered small initiatives that makes easier ther life. 2. Public services must be more comited to their clients and citizens must exercise more the citizenship. 3. Regional administration of Azores, because of their dimension, is undertaking a great number of initiatives, in some case pioneers in Portugal and Europe. Therefore, we think that in future years we will be a case study in public administration. Scope: Regional (sub-national)