ES: LUDO Model: Open Government from a Public Policy Cycle Perspective

Published on: 01/06/2012
Last update: 24/10/2012

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This paper provides a descriptive model implemented in order to understand and manage open government initiatives in the framework of the cycle of creation of public policy. This model is called "LUDO Model of Open Government” and it constitutes a new approach in order to understand and classify institutional initiatives of transparency, participation and collaboration. The LUDO Model is based on the conviction that transparency, participation and collaboration need effective planning in order to achieve their objectives. One of the key points of the LUDO Model planning procedure is to understand the exact timeframe of public policy in which it is being implemented. It is also extremely important to clearly define the degree of openness - the amount of power that is returned to citizens. The LUDO Model aims to provide clarity and correct planning to open government initiatives, so that the "open” dimension can be systematically incorporated into public management and a clear contract between government and citizens can be established. The paper will advance step by step through the diverse variables that constitute the LUDO model and offer a few practical examples on how to implement it.


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