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French National Assembly ’s Action Plan for the Open Government Partnership

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Published on: 09/07/2015 Last update: 06/08/2015 Document Archived


  • Strengthen the transparency of the legislative process and of the operation of the

National Assembly;

- Strengthen ties between citizens and their representatives;

- Call on the opinion and expertise of citizens


The open-data provision of legal data and data relative to the law or parliamentary work provides citizens with a better understanding of the entire legislative process, and allows them to develop tools or applications from this data and contribute to democratic debate.

The National Assembly has announced the publication of a wealth of documents. More than 800,000 documents will thus be made available by the end of 2015. This measure is part of the program devised last October by the National Assembly President, Claude Bartolone, who has decided to initiate a true digital revolution in the National Assembly during his mandate.

In addition to the opening-up of data, improvements in the monitoring of parliamentary activity and the drafting of legal bills have been facilitated by the opening-up of the National Assembly session management tools.

Nowadays, the Eliasse application for managing amendments can be consulted by anyone using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. This application can be accessed by clicking on a page containing the amendment search form, on the page containing the agenda for the session, or on the page containing a direct link to the video portal, which brings together sound, images, and text. It allows access to amendments’ text, its explanatory statement, its signatories, and its fate.

This application covers not only texts examined during the session, but also texts passing before the committee, which is not the case with the Senate application.

This opening-up constitutes an important phase in the development of open solutions, facilitating the monitoring and processing of texts and amendments by all stakeholders concerned: members of the government, members of Parliament, and citizens.

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