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Lithuania: Fostering Open and Inclusive Policy Making

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Published on: 13/01/2016 Document Archived

This review, available online,  analyses open government principles and practices in Lithuania with the aim to support the government of Lithuania in its current and future public governance reforms.

In this context, the OECD examines the role of the centre of government as a catalyst for open government reforms, analyses citizens' participation as a key open government practice and explores the opportunities and challenges of digital government as enabler for open government. It examines open government at the level of central government, complemented by a health sector case study. 

The book presents practical recommendations to assist the government in delivering on its commitment to enhance openness and inclusiveness of policy making and service delivery, and to strengthen government-citizen relations.


This article has been created and published by the OECD Website, the original case study is available on the OECD website.  


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