OPEN DATA ACTION PLAN 2014-2020 | Veneto Region Open Data Action Plan: a path for the future

Published on: 13/06/2015
Last update: 15/06/2015

Veneto Region Open Data Action Plan
Regione del Veneto,

This Action Plan defines the main goals and structural constraints of the Open Data activities of the Veneto Region in the context of the HOMER Project. Starting by the current situation of the regional Public Administrations, and by the actual skills and needs of its citizens, public servants and private businesses, the Plan defines actions oriented towards two main general objectives. The first consists of increasing
knowledge of Open Data and their benefits at all levels in the Region, from its Public Administrations of all sizes to its Small and Medium Enterprises and all its citizens, starting from its students. The second general goal is the maximization, within the limits imposed by the available funds and from the general situation, of the economic benefits of Open Data, both as a source of savings for Public Administrations, and as fundamental raw material for the production of goods and services.

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