Open data within governmental organisations: Effects, benefits and challenges of the implementation process

Published on: 20/11/2014
Last update: 11/05/2016

This article describes the growth of open data, open government and the means for transparency and accountability, but aims to reflect on the bottlenecks and actual practicality of opening data to the public domain by two governmental bodies. The Municiaplity of The Hague and The Province of South-Holland of The Netherlands are part of two research programmes called ‘Government of the Future’, whose main goals are to explore and establish knowledge on societal innovation by new applications and possibilities of long term effects of ICT’s in the public sector. Part of these programmes are the themes of transparency and open data, which are viewed from the somewhat pragmatic and operational side of its applicability. The paper shows the development within the governmental bodies and captivates the ‘readiness’ for open data.

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