Open Government Partnership : Romania National Action plan 2014-2016

Published on: 01/06/2015
Last update: 09/10/2017

Open government represents an essential trait of any democratic state and an important component in modernising public administration. Romania’s accession to the Open Government Partnership in 2011 was a part of its commitment to develop and implement the required policies for opening the government more by promoting governmental transparency, encouraging civic participation, using new technologies in administration and fighting corruption.

These objectives were reflected in the first set of commitments of the Romanian Government, approved by the Memorandum on the National Action Plan (July 2012-June 2014) and materialized in a series of measures aimed at opening and sharing public data and encouraging dialogue between the public administration and the civil society.

Starting 2013 the Department for Online Services and Design (DSOD), created within the Chancellery of the Prime-Minister, is in charge with coordinating and monitoring the National Action Plan for the implementation of OGP commitments.

The current plan represents, in fact, a product of the government’s collaboration with the civil society and re-affirms Romania’s commitment to the five OGP grand challenges: improving public services, increasing public integrity, more effectively managing public resources, creating safer communities and increasing corporate accountability.

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