AT: Proceedings of CEDEM 11

Published on: 04/05/2011
Last update: 13/10/2011

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The CeDEM11 conference presented 23 state-of-the-art research papers selected in a double-blind review process. The number of submissions was overwhelming and a strict acceptance policy ensured the high quality of the papers presented in these proceedings.

CeDEM11 is known for its interdisciplinary approach bringing together the most important stakeholders. To enhance this approach, the conference and the proceedings include the keynotes'  presentations as well as the short papers presented during the lightning talks. Such short papers have been reviewed and selected on the basis of the new and interesting contributions they are able to make to the field of E-Democracy.

The first part of the proceedings contains the keynotes' presentations by speakers: Douglas Schuler, Caroline Haythornwaite, Axel Bruns and Stefan Gehrke, covering several aspects of electronic deliberation, citizen participation and open data to provide food for thought and stimulate discussions.

The second to the fourth part of the proceedings present the academic papers that have been reviewed in a double-blind peer-review process. The second part deals with the field of E-Democracy and e-Participation, with papers analysing the general contribution of e-participation to democracy, the influence of social networks as well as practical experience and applications from several countries.

Papers on open government and open data are presented in the third part of the proceedings. Papers discuss amongst others the application and the influence of open government methods in the public service, analyse the use of social media for governments for monitoring and managing self-reputation online.

The fourth part contains selected papers from the area of E-Voting analysing the application of different voting technologies, discussing the verifiability of voting systems and presenting new findings on voter trust in the Netherlands as well as an analysis of electronic decision-making in the EU.

The short papers are published in part five and present interesting and new research as well as practical experiences from all fields of electronic democracy, thus enhancing and embracing the interdisciplinary approach of the CeDEM11 conference.  

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