For a transparent and collaborative government: France national Action Plan 2015-2017

Published on: 09/08/2015
Last update: 06/08/2015

"France joined the Open government Partnership (OGP) in April 2014. The OGP promotes public action transparency and openness based on participation and collaboration between the public sector and civil society.

This initiative complements the work done by the French government on State reform and simplification. In fact, at the heart of our project is the ambition to improve the relationship between the state and the citizens, between the state and businesses, to use technology to enhance efficiency and transparency and to reinvigorate our democracy. This reform has clear and ambitious goals: to renew trust in public action through increased transparency, to revitalize social dialogue

With a collaborative approach that gives democracy means for greater proximity and a better quality of service for citizens, businesses and stakeholders.

The digital revolution offers an opportunity to give full meaning to the values of the Republic by reinventing public action for the benefit of all.

Thanks to our strong commitment to French citizens, we choose to raise this issue at the international level through this plan. France, thanks to its experience, aims to be at the forefront of this movement for a democracy renewed by transparency and collaborative dialogue.

This project is in line with our democratic tradition and our ability to renovate public action. It is also a very promising field for exchanging mutual experiences with partner countries. The OGP is a platform enabling us to act more and faster for these values and topics on which our republican pact is built. This «National plan for transparent and collaborative public action» represents, for us, a major step."

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