Drupal Overheid (Drupal Government) The Hague

On February 14, a new initiative will be launched with the aim to study and share the use of the Drupal CMS in the Dutch government: Drupal Government. This should become a network of government representatives and Drupal suppliers.

In their announcement, the ministry of Economic Affairs writes:

Why Drupal Government?

1. better reuse of Drupal modules and themes within the (State) government.

2. Increased use of Drupal in the (State) government, through promotion, bringing together governments and businesses and answering questions about CMS selection.

3. The formation of a user group for editors for knowledge.

Those that want to attend, need to bring identification for acccessing the building.


Expected Participants:

Public administrations and Drupal web shops.


Physical location
Den Haag
Ministry of Economic Affairs, Auditorium, Juliana of Stolberg Avenue 148, 2595 CL The Hague.