LDSW 2016 - Linked Data Switzerland Workshop

The HES-SO Valais-Wallis Data Semantics Lab and the eCH Open Government Data Group co-organize a follow-up to the previous Linked Data meetings organized by the Swiss Federal Archives in 2014 and the Linked Data Switzerland Workshop 2015. The event will be kindly hosted by the Swiss Federal Archives, in Bern.

The aim of this year's workshop is to bring together the actors of Linked Data technologies to join forces and prepare the E-Government Fokus day organized by the Bern University of Applied Sciences on the 28th October 2016 on the topic “Linked Data in Practice”. This will be the opportunity to make an inventory of the tools, skills, projects and actors in the Linked Data field in Switzerland (to be presented at the E-Government Fokus) and prepare thematic workshops for the E-Government Fokus

Expected Participants:


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See the conference website for details.

Physical location
Swiss Federal Archives, in Bern, Switzerland
Swiss Federal Archives, in Bern, Switzerland