Open Overheid Congres (2012.05.31)

Event date:
Published on: 02/05/2012

This congress joins the subjects Open standards, Open source software and Open data which are three seperate subjects, but in practice are very connected.


  • 10 reasons to not be open: An exploration of possibilities and "impossibilities" of the application of open standards in a complex reality, searching for pragmatic and working solutions.
  • Groundbreaking: This theme addresses the need for standards from a European perspective from an academical and practical point of view.
  • Next steps in open data: This theme addresses concrete examples and a future view on open data.
  • Open and reliable: This theme addresses theory and practice about matching electronic services with means of authnetication.
  • Ranking open data: This theme addresses standards for open data.
  • Economic impact: This theme addresses how Open standards and Open source software can contribute to economic growth and cost savings.

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Physical location
Utrecht, The Netherlands
Beatrixtheater, Utrecht