OpenDays 2012

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Published on: 09/05/2012

The 2012 edition of OpenDays explores the practical use of HL7 standards from the architecture viewpoint. Architectures, Frameworks and Functional Models frequently are perceived as marginal practices but today this "marginal practices" move to the center of our concern

  The focus, traditionally, is devoted to high level strategy aspects that jump into technical aspects of interoperability: This is no more viable in our world.   Our message is that a messaging standard per-se is not enough without a real architectural approach. If organizations use HL7 messaging/document standards we are surely happy (as HL7 peoples), but without an architecture (business, services and systems, implementations) the organizations simply do not catch their objectives.   As users and designers of technology, we should leave the prejudice that interoperability can be considered as a traditional application development and only a technical question   We think that HL7 Services (HSSP), Interoperability Framework (SAIF) and Functional Models (EHR-S) build a pervasive approach that changes our vision of eHealth that «... needs to be owned by the business and not IT».

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OpenDays 2012 is not restricted to technicians but is dedicated also to: Decision Makers, Managers of healthcare organizations, CIO and CTO, Business Analysts, Technical specialists.

Physical location
Rome, Italy
Palazzo Valentini seat of the Province of Rome