Personal Democracy Forum is an annual conference on how technology is changing politics, government and civic life that started in America in 2004, and which first took place in Poland in 2013.


Since then, PDF POLAND CEE has become the biggest European event devoted to technology, democracy and civic engagement gathering members of NGOs, activists, public administration officers and journalists from more than 20 countries. People from Poland, Central, Eastern and North-Western Europe and South Caucasus meet here, share their experiences and connect with experts and practitioners from all over the world.


This year’s theme “My Country: Open, Digital, Civic” reflects our interest in exploring how the countries of this diverse region are entering the digital age, with a focus on the ways they are striving to become more open and to deliver improvements in civic life. In 2015 we will be joined by specialists from countries such as Argentina, Kenya and The USA. We are committed to allowing international society to share its experiences with one another and with people from the world that are represented in bigger numbers every year at PDF.

Expected Participants:


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Physical location
Copernicus Science Centre, ul. Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 20.
GPS: N 52° 14’ 30.6”, E 21° 1’ 43.1”