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Administration of Polish Swietokrzyskie province corrects procurement

Published on: 31/05/2013

The government of the Swietokrzyskie province in the south of Poland corrected a procurement notice, reports the country's civil IT procurement watchdog PPPit. In its original request, the authorities specified it was looking for a specific proprietary IT solution.

The authorities responded quickly to a complaint by PPPit, a project run by Polish Foundation on Open and Free Software (Fwioo) and supported financially by the Stefan Batory Foundation - a non-governmental organization supporting the development of democracy and civil society.

Within two weeks, the government corrected the procurement notice, PPIT reports on its website. The civil group comments that the province denies having infringed the public procurement law, but decided to change the text anyway. The province wrote: "Swietokrzyskie province attaches great importance to ensure that the provisions of the specifications provide the maximum possible level of technological neutrality and competitiveness, and have always been in compliance in accordance with applicable laws and regulations."

The past few weeks PPPit also approached the country's agricultural real-estate agency and the city administration of Katowice. Both public administrations are requesting specific proprietary software solutions. Europe's procurement rules forbid that. PPPit is asking both organisations to correct their procedures.

One in five
According to Open Forum Europe, an organisation advocating the use of open standards in ICT, nearly 20 percent of all European public administration's make similar illegal reference to specific brands and products.

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