Argentina introduced the Czec…

Argentina introduced the Czech open source system FRED for the administration of its internet domains

Published on: 04/08/2016

The Argentinian national domain registrar will use the Czech registration system FRED (Free Registry for ENUM and Domains) for the administration of its internet domains with the .AR extension. NIC Argentina currently administers around 530,000 domains and has used FRED for their administration since the beginning of July 2016. The FRED registration system was developed by the Czech national domain registrar, the CZ.NIC association, in 2007 and besides Argentina and the Czech Republic it is also used in Albania, Angola, Costa Rica, Macedonia, Malawi, Tanzania and the Faroe Islands.


"We started communicating about the deployment of the FRED system with the Argentinian national domain registrar in May 2016. Implementation therefore took about two months. During that time, we were helping our colleagues from the Argentinian domain registry with migration from the old server and with the settings of the new system in a way ensuring it would meet their requirements" said Jaromír Talíř, the technical partner of CZ.NIC, who was personally involved in the deployment of the FRED system in Argentina. "Our cooperation should also continue in the future. Our colleagues from Argentina are considering, among other things, the translation of certain parts of their system into Spanish."


„With FRED registry systen, NIC Argentina started using the EPP protocol, which allows improvements on the previous mechanism of domain updates. In this way, any modification on an ‘.ar’ delegation can affects in real time.“ said Julián Dunayevich, CEO of NIC Argentina. „Thanks for all CZ.NIC advices and support during the implementation of FRED in our system. Since now, we hope we can work together in more improvements.“


The CZ.NIC association released the FRED system in 2007 as open source software and currently administers over 1 250,000 domains with the .CZ extension in this system. The FRED system is now used by nine national domain registrars and other administrators have been working on its deployment.

City/Location: Prague