BE: Portal on PSI re-use laun…

BE: Portal on PSI re-use launched

Published on: 02/02/2012

The portal's overall objective is to make PSI more widely usable and accessible; however, re-usable information per se is not directly available on the site. Thus, information is organised into virtual file cards providing: a description of available information; conditions governing re-use; the name of the administration; and contact details. Furthermore, it aims to centralise the available information so as to facilitate (information) search for data operators and to encourage profitable PSI re-use. Priority is given to data search.

The portal currently hosts a relatively limited amount of information. This is expected to increase gradually as awareness is raised among individual administrations of their PSI re-use and the potential such re-usable information holds for development and knowledge management.

The portal is a response to the PSI re-use Directive, which calls on the EU Member States to "ensure that practical arrangements are in place that facilitate the search for documents available for re-use, such as assets lists, accessible preferably online, of main documents, and portal sites that are linked to decentralised assets lists."

The public services collect a considerable amount of information, including data on individuals and businesses. They process, research, digitise and reproduce such information in order to make it available to other public services, citizens and businesses. Some of the information can already be re-used today, such as geographical, meteorological, transport management or socio-economic data (businesses and consumers).

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