CH: Federal Council approves…

CH: Federal Council approves open access to public data for 2014-2018

Published on: 20/05/2014

On 13 September 2013, the Federal Council instructed the Unit IT Steering Confederation (UPIC) to develop with Federal Archives and Federal Chancellery a national strategy to provide open access to public data archives and coordinate the development of open access to public data. This mission was accomplished in collaboration with other federal agencies, cantons, municipalities and representatives of business and science. The developed strategy shows the benefits of the availability of public data and guides the activities of the federal government in this area until 2018.

By making public data freely available, the Federal Council will encourage the development of the information society and strengthen Switzerland's position in the global information economy. The availability of public data will allow innovative businesses to develop their information services. It will also provide the basis for scientific research and provide citizens, political parties and the media more transparency on the activities of government and administration.

Swiss strategy aims to make available public data in open and machine-readable for their free reuse. These data come mainly in the following areas: meteorology, geoinformation, statistics, transport, crime, environment and energy. Financial, legal, organisational, technical and production data in different administrative units will be checked and adjusted if necessary. The provision and publication of the data will be from a central infrastructure (national portal). The conditions for use of the data will be flexible, consistent and easy to understand. Further information will facilitate contextual and technical understanding of different data.

The strategy will be implemented in the relevant federal departments and services. Conducted under the direction of the UPIC, work on the detailed design and preparation of the implementation of the strategy will be completed by the end of 2014. The actual implementation measures will be coordinated centrally by the Federal Archives from 2015. The cantons, the municipalities as well as the community of users of public data and economic environments will be involved in the process. Collaboration between different levels of the federal state will be defined in a model of cooperation. It is planned to publish various databases in several stages and in consultation with the owners and the potential users of the data. The possibility of collaboration with other public sector institutions will be discussed. The pilot portal will be developed so that it can serve as a national infrastructure for the publication of public data.

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