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Dutch Drecht cities published first batch of open datasets

Dutch Drecht cities published…

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Published on: 23/11/2016 News Archived

The Drecht cities (Drechtsteden), a collaboration of six municipalities in the delta region of the Netherlands, have published a first batch of open datasets. The data has been made available on several public open government data platforms. It includes information on complaints, monumental trees, groundwater levels, monuments, playgrounds, dumpsters, and real estate values. More datasets will follow in the near future.

This information was already available on request, said Regional Portfolio Manager André Flach but now we are actively publishing this data and keeping it up to date. This way, we are also anticipating prospective legislation that will oblige all Dutch municipalities to make specific information publicly available.

Information like this can be used in citizen participation, data analytics, investigative journalism, and the development of apps.

Smart city

In the near future, the City of Dordrecht will also publish data from its municipal sensor networks. Real-time data on groundwater levels and the number of cyclists on a path with dynamic lighting, for example, will be made available for re-use, City Councillor Rinette Reynvaan said. It is part of our transition into a smart city.