Dutch government gathering in…

Dutch government gathering input for OGP Action Plan 2016-2017


On Wednesday, June 17, the Open Overheid (Open Government) agency, part of the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, is organising a consultation event to gather input for the next OGP Action Plan. The agency has invited stakeholders, experts and visionaries to be present in Utrecht, where 140 people will be able to contribute to the direction and contents of the Action Plan for the period 2016-2017.

Participants will discuss their ideas and opinions at one of nine different tables:

  1. financial transparency;
  2. the provision of clear information;
  3. insight into decision-making processes;
  4. learning from each other, scaling up and sharing local initiatives;
  5. international, learning from other countries;
  6. archive innovation, open by design;
  7. open data, raw materials for innovation;
  8. this how we do it, a culture of open government;
  9. transparency in the semi-state sector.

In August, Open Overheid will organise an online consultation.

Lack of effort, openness and ambition

In the draft Progress Report on the previous Action Plan, published last February, the Dutch government was urged to work with civil society to create a measurable and ambitious Action Plan. According to the author, the previous plan was not specific enough, making it difficult to assess its progress and impact. Furthermore, it was found that the Dutch government had not been open in the participation process and its efforts were limited. The plan failed to engage local governments and civil society as agents.

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