Case studies on sustainable open source communities

This page contains the five case studies produced as part of OSOR's work on Guidelines for Sustainable Open Source Software Communities in the Public Sector, as well as the documentation and analyses used to draft the Sustainability Guidelines. 

OSOR developed the five case studies to better understand what sort of success factors influence the sustainability of public sector open source communities. Each case study allowed us to uncover commonalities as well as unique differences between public sector OSS projects across Europe. 

The five case studies put together for the purpose of the Guidelines are: 

  • The Developers Italia community launched by the Italian government; 
  • The launch of the Voice of Groningen platform, forked from the CONSUL software in Groningen; 
  • The Integreat application used by municipalities across Germany for providing information to new arrivals; 
  • The OSKARI geospatial software  developed in Finland; and
  • The Lutece software launched by the City of Paris and used across France.

You can read individual case studies by clicking on the links below (regularly updated)

Developers Italia

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Voice of Groningen

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Lutece software

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Additionally, OSOR is publishing a complementary document analysing the sustainability factors of open source communities in the public sector. The document gathers the literature review, the results of the survey on the sustainability of open source communities in the public sector, as well as the analysis of the five case studies used to draft the Sustainability Guidelines. 

Should you have any further question on the Sustainability Guidelines, do not hesitate to contact us.