ES: Open Source Software for the Development of Spanish Public Administration

Published on: 30/09/2008
Last update: 08/12/2008

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The study collects quantitative data on the spread of open source software in public administrations and analyses in depth the most outstanding paradigmatic study cases for the adoption of open source software. In addition, it introduces the most important legal aspects to take into account when deciding on this type of software in the public administration. It also provides an exhaustive review from the perspective of supply and demand for open source software projects promoted by public administrations. All this is further complemented by a comparative view of the situation that the development of free software is undergoing in other public administrations beyond Spanish borders, particularly within the European Union.

Finally, one of the greatest and most valuable contributions of this document is the detailed proposal of recommendations issued by a group of specialist experts, brought together from the National Observatory for Open Source Software. These recommendations will serve as a guide to those public administrations and organisations concerned with assessing the best methodology for introducing the model of free software development into their own work groups, as well as companies and communities interested in participating proactively in these initiatives.

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