At4Am4All, meeting of the European Parliament Free Software Group (Epfsug)

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Member of the European Parliament Marie-Christine Vergiat and the European Parliament Free Software User Group will discuss the news that the EP's Directorate for IT, DG ITEC, announced that it will share the source code for the Parliament's Automatic Tool for AMendments with the world.

Time: 11h00-13h00 Wednesday 11 July 2012 (download to your calendar)
Location: Room P1C051 (Building Paul-Henri Spaak (PHS), 1st floor, room C051)
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Agenda for EPFSUG meeting 11 July 2012
11h00-13h00 in room P1C051
WELCOME Marie-Christine Vergiat, MEP

The European Parliament Free Software User Group is an open community of staff, assistants and Members of the European Parliament, and of supporters from the free software community. Its goals are to:

  • Assist people interested in using free software in the European Parliament
  • Drive adoption of free software in the European Parliament's information infrastructure
  • Push for use of open standards, to ensure equal access for citizens using free software
  • Work in cooperation with like-minded groups in Europe and around the world
What does free software have to do with democracy?
Karsten Gerloff, FSFE President
Karsten Gerloff, President of the Free Software Foundation Europe, will explain why software freedom is essential to democracy and necessary for transparency. The Parliament has a central role in society and its processes must be as transparent as possible. Allowing the public to review, share and improve the tools that the Parliament uses in its work is an important step towards a more participative society where citizens are in control.
Which software licenses can serve both the free software community and the Parliament?
Carlo Piana, FSFE General Counsel
Carlo Piana, one of Europe's foremost software lawyers, will discuss the best approach to licensing AT4AM as free software. He will analyse how the Parliament, other public bodies, and Europe's citizens will benefit from releasing this application under licenses that guarantee software freedom in perpetuity.
What's up and coming?
Amelia Andersdotter, EPFSUG Patron
The European Parliament Free Software User Group currently has two patrons, MEPs Indrek Tarand and Amelia Andersdotter. Together they are supporting users of free software who work in the Parliament and are willing to explore ways of incorporating free software in their work routines as far as rules and regulations of the House permit. Amelia Andersdotter will give a short overview of what EPFSUG is planning after the summer break in terms of meetings, applications and reach out. Become a supporter!
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