BE: ePractice Workshop - 'Open Source: Its place in a cross-border environment'

ePractice workshop - 'Open Source: Its place in a cross-border environment'

This workshop is open to the participation of anyone interested in the area of Open Source as well public administrations, citizens, and especially those linked to European Union-funded initiatives, researchers, European Commission officers, ePractice members etc.

The workshop topics can be grouped in two major directions:

Licensing issues:

  • How to choose an Open Source software product for professional use
  • Re-using OSS from other public administrations and the implications of licensing
  • How to agree on a license for a cross border development of OSS
  • The effect of open source licenses to the software development process

Software production perspectives:

  • OSS production quality improvement
  • Documenting Open Source Software
  • contribution to communities, licensing and collaborative development and re-use
  • How to set up a project on, set up roles and manage contributions

Additional subjects falling within the umbrella of the workshop’s topic on in general are also welcome based on potential speaker proposals.

Registration is free-of-charge and it can be performed online after creating an ePractice account at:

Physical location
Albert Borschette Conference Centre, Room: AB-3A, 36 Rue Froissart, 1040 Brussels
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