Consegi 2011 - Fourth International Congress on Free Software and eGovernment - Data Open for Democracy in the Digital Age (in English, Portuguese and Spanish)

The Consegi in 2011 continues the discussion of policy and management of Open Source technologies, exploring the theme 'Open Data'. After three years of innovative experiences, those ideas and debates began to permeate the discussions of the three spheres of government: municipal, state and federal levels.

The Open Data concept is a new subject in technology. According to W3C, open government data are “the availability of government information represented in an open and accessible format, so that they may be reused, mixed with information from other sources, generating new meanings”.

The event schedule has 10 different themes, with more than 200 lectures and 70 workshops. The topics include:

• Open Data, eDemocracy and Government Knowledge Management;
• Free Software Ecosystem: Communities and Collaboration
• Free systems and applications: Development and Use
• Multimedia, Mobility and Converging Media 
• Standards, Interoperability and Technological development policies
• Social Development, Education and Digital Inclusion

This edition's focal country will be Spain.

Information about the programme and workshops can be found here while registration is to be performed online

Physical location
A Escola de Administração Fazendária (ESAF), Rodovia DF-001 km 27.4, Setor de Habitações Individuais Sul, Lago Sul/DF
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