Ciutat Oberta Biennal de pensament (Open City, Biennial of Thought')


The world changes, cities are transformed . The cities are the scenes of the many transformations that mark this change of era. Meeting places that bring together diversity, opportunities, capacity for innovation and creativity, but also conflicts and exclusions. Cities must solve from the vicinity of disorders typical of a globalized world. That is why the Open City 'Biennial of Thought' wants to connect the debate about the role of today's cities with the great challenges of contemporary society.

The European Commission's Open Source Observatory (OSOR) is taking part on 18 October, participating in the "Digital Cities, Digital Freedoms: Digital Commons, Ethical Standards and Free Software for Cities" roundtable discussion. The objective of the debate is to make visible the effort that the city council of Barcelona is carrying out in the matter of free software, the common digital and the ethical standards.

Physical location
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