Collaborative Production of eGovernment Services Workshop

24 January 2013 - Brussels - Belgium

In a nutshell:

The purpose of this workshop is to produce input for EU and Member States to complete the eGovernment Action Plan's tasks on collaborative production of services. Emphasis is given to those actions under priority 1 calling the Commission and Member States to facilitate exchange of experiences and develop guidelines and targets for the rollout of collaborative services.

At this stage, the setting of targets is feasible, as the conditions set by the eGovernment Action Plan have matured. As many as possible sets of targets should be proposed and discussed further, relating to: user satisfaction, service fulfillment, digital literacy of citizens, level of expectation to co-create services, civic sense and interest in participating in policy-making, re-use of public information, transparency etc.

Event topics:

  • How can collaborative services empower citizens?
  • How should public administrations adapt in order to be more collaborative?
  • Are there government services prone to be better exploited by collaborative practices?
  • How can we effectively involve Member States and get more concise feedback?
  • Is the realisation of common targets feasible?
  • How can we effectively spread and better communicate best practice cases?
  • Why are some EU countries more active in collaborative services?
  • How can we stimulate the development of collaborative services?
  • What are the (economic) benefits from the public-private co-production of services?
  • Suggestions for common targets for the rollout of collaborative services.


This is an open event intended for MS, policy-makers and practitioners interested to contribute towards collaborative production of eGovernment services at European, national and local levels and anyone interested in the area of public administrations as well as businesses and/or citizens who interact with them: eGovernment project implementers; stakeholders in FP6 and FP7 research projects; researchers; businesses; European Commission officers; ePractice members etc.


To register for this event, please send an email to or with a cc to

Submission of summaries/PPT slides: 

If you are interested to participate to this event as a speaker, please send an email to or with a cc to


A few selected speakers will set the scene with a 15 minute presentation and the rest of the programme will be dedicated to roundtable discussions and networking purposes.

Deadlines to remember:

~Submission of summaries/ presentations: 10 January 2013

~Speaker participation confirmation: 17 January 2013

~Submission of final presentations: 21 January 2013

~Event date: 24 January  2013

~Publication of workshop proceedings: Beginning of February 2013

Expected Participants:



Contact email
Physical location
European Commission
Avenue de Beaulieu 25, 1160, Brussels, Meeting room BU25/S1