DINAcon 2017

Digital transformation is ubiquitous, write the organisers of DINAcon 2017. "How can we ensure that the advancing digitization will also generate sustainable benefits for our society?"

"One answer is the principle of digital sustainability. Digital sustainability describes how digital knowledge goods (data, content, software) must be created and made accessible in order to create the greatest possible benefits for society and the environment. Specifically, this concerns current political challenges surrounding digitalization in Switzerland, innovation and research, data protection, copyright and technical topics such as open data or bitcoin / blockchain."

"These questions are dealt with by the Digital Sustainability Conference of the University of Berne in cooperation with the Parliamentary Group on Digital Sustainability and the associations CH Open, tcbe.ch and Opendata.ch in the Welle7 Workspace at the Bern train station. More than 200 decision-makers and opinion leaders from politics, business, the public sector and the digitization scene are expected to attend the conference."

Expected Participants:


State: Pending


Physical location
Welle7 Workspace
Schanzenstrasse 5
3008 Bern