EPFSUG meeting 7 November 2012

The European Parliament Free Software User Group is hosting a meeting on free software, taking place in the European Parliament on 7 november 2012.

Topics to be presented include:

  • FreedomBox, a project to help you to stay in control of your own privacy on the Internet
  • Possibilities and impossibilities of using the open source operating system Linux in the European Parliament
  • Future plans of the EPFSUG

The European Parliament Free Software User Group is an open community of staff, assistants and Members of the European Parliament, and of supporters from the free software community. Its goals are among others to assist people interested in using free software in the European Parliament. The group now has four patrons, Members of the European Parliament Indrek Tarand, Amelia Andersdotter, Alexander Alvaro and Nils Torvalds.


Those that need a badge to enter the European Parliament in Brussels, please send an email to epfsug@epfsug.eu and tell that you are attending. These attendees need to bring their passport or ID and come to the Accreditation Centre at 14h00 since it takes a while to sign everybody in.

Expected Participants:


Physical location
Room A8F388 (Altiero Spinelli building, 8th floor, elevator F, room A8F388)