esLibre 2020

Event date:
Published on: 15/04/2020

In light of the current COVID-19 crisis, the organisers of the 2020 edition of the esLibre conference have decided to organise an online event!

On 18-19 September, the King Juan Carlos University is organising the 2020 edition of the esLibre conference. The esLibre event is a unique meeting of open source enthusiasts in Spain which hosts plenary sessions, specialised presentations, roundtables and dedicated workshops on various open source-related topics and projects.

Information on the organisers

The organizing team of es Libre 2020 will be coordinated by:

The organization will be coordinated by the OfiLibre of the URJC and supported by the following student organisations: RoboTechCosmos and URJC Informatics.

The Rey Juan Carlos University is a Spanish public university, founded in 1996. The Office of Knowledge and Free Culture (OfiLibre) of the URJC has the function of informing, promoting, coordinating and facilitating the university's actions ttowards free culture, free publishing, open data and free software. The King Juan Carlos University's OfiLibre aims to promote awareness on open source solutions, their functioning, characteristics and the benefits of open source.



Please note that this programme is subject to modification due to the change of format and date of the conference. The esLibre event has a vast programme of plenary sessions, specialised presentations, roundtables and dedicated workshops:


  • Learn how to open your laptop and change the thermal paste
  • Configure your IoT node and connect it to The Things Network
  • Set up a geeky bash environment and customize it to your taste : Bash and Tmux
  • Incremental development with "behavioral programming": a new way of thinking about software
  • Introduction to Camel Breeding with Camel Apache
  • Workshop on observability in your service network with Istio, Kiali and MiniKube
  • Workshop on distributed systems based on open source


  • ASSAP: Anti Shoulder Surfing Attack Platform
  • Create a project like GaliciaCorre with free tools
  • CryptPad: open source technology at the service of privacy
  • Damegender
  • Deployment of IP networks in emergencies with AREDN
  • Doc-As-Code
  • Teaching IT in 2020: a proposal based on free software
  • Hacking training with open source resources
  • GeoGirls: The streets of women
  • GrimoireLab: an open source platform for software development analytics
  • Introduction to network databases with Neo4j
  • Java is still free
  • Kubernetes with a master's degree
  • LibreOffice 10th anniversary: the many faces of a global FOSS community
  • What can make you fall in love with Groovy (if he hasn't already)
  • Meta classes in Python: the other use of type
  • Educational projects to learn programming and robotics
  • RISC-V in the subject of "Computer Architecture
  • Offensive security with free hardware
  • On governance in programming languages
  • Social Justice Code Repositories
  • TerosHDL: an open source IDE for HDL
  • The Things Network: an IoT network deployed and maintained by citizens
  • Working remotely, chaos and destruction
  • Your code sucks: let's get formal (formal code verification with TLA+)
  • A multi-interface, distributed (non-intelligent) bot as a personal assistant
  • Web scraping the most used technologies on the Web
  • Is open source (really) broken?

The event is free of charge.


More questions about the esLibre 2020 event?

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