Free Software Conference & Exhibition 2012, Budapest, Hungary, 8 December

The Free Software Conference 2012 is organised in Budapest, by the foundation.

The conference starts at ten in the morning and will continue to five in the afternoon, the organisers write. "Lectures will take place in parallel sessions. And the whole day in the main hall there will be space to exhibit projects on free software and free culture."

The conference features three speakers:

  • Joseph Kadlecsik, involved in developing the Linux kernel packet filtering subsystem, and the lead developer of netfilter.
  • Andrew Tanner, one of the developers involved in LibreOffice.
  • Krisztian (Slapic) Czakó, a well-know member of the country's Linux community.

The organisers note that the venue is close to a free car park.

Expected Participants:



Physical location
The conference takes place at the Óbuda University of Vienna Road. See the map and info.