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Published on: 07/12/2011

This year's Fcons, Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit, is taking place at the IT-university in the city of Gothenburg, Sweden. The organisers promise a wide range of lectures and events, covering kernel design, citizen journalism and licensing in the 21st century.

The conference is organised by The Free Software Foundation Europe, Creative Commons and Wikimedia and divided in three parts, Free Software, Free Culture and Free Content.

The program is still being developed. However, the conference website already lists 17 confirmed presentations such as  on Coreboot, formerly known as LinuxBios, a discussion on the Agile/Scrum method to manage software development and a workshop on Arduino, an easy to use Open Source electronics prototyping platform for artists, designers and hobbyists.

However, the conference is more than a series of presentations, the organisers write, allowing plenty of room for discussions. "Fscons is a place to meet other activists and exchange ideas and experiences in a creative and innovative environment."

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